Charline has designed for you a wide range of wedding dresses and outfits that exude passion. Guided by movement and transparency, this new collection celebrates the spontaneous woman in love. For this reason, Charline has decided to create bold items with flowing fabrics, sensual slits, shorts and trousers, while maintaining the distinctive open back. The Calais and Italian lace have abotanical and floral aspect, inspired by the Mexican desert: hot and colourful with a hint of wilderness. Let yourself be transported to the heart of South America. Put your feet in the sand, stroll through the narrow streets lined with flat-roofed white houses, and explore the natural vastness of the warm lands. Charline’s newly married brides are passionate spirits, ready to embark with their loved one to pick cactus flowers. As an enthusiast of life and love, at Charline Verbeken you will find feminine, but unique, elegant and unforgettable garments.


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